Dare to Live Out Loud!  

A programme to change the way you view yourself and your world

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Sally Canning Welcome Page


Sally Canning

Transformational Coach and Trusted Mentor to Successful Women

Winner of the National Women Inspiring Women Award Trainer/Speaker 2014


Empowering women to be seen heard and honoured for who they are – To Spread their Wings and

Dare to Live Out Loud.



The only thing standing between you and what you really want is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it


So let’s change that story …


If you are a woman looking to reconnect with freedom, happiness, authenticity and your passions you are most definitely in the right place.  I mentor and assist women like yourself to move from a point of “What the heck is it all about?” to a place of embracing life and actually loving who you are.

I’m Sally Canning and I can help you to easily let go of the feelings, thoughts, fears, limiting beliefs and overwhelm that keep you from living the life you truly want for yourself.


On the stage of your life you get the chance to rewrite your script. Be the director and Star of your own Blockbuster


Sally Canning. Helping Women to Embrace their Potential. from Sally Canning on Vimeo.


“I am not my past or what happened to me.  I am who I choose to become.”


What is it you want for yourself?

Do you ever ask yourself “Is this it?”  “When do I get to start living my life?

Are you feeling ‘stuck’, confused, don’t know what to do, even though to the world it looks like you have it all?

Do you feel an emptiness,  like you’ve missed out on your dreams?  OR

Do you ‘Have it All’ and yet feel like a fraud who is going to be found out at any minute?

Are you full of Fears, and Regrets and Guilty feelings?

Are you in a place in your life where you’re feeling something HAS to change? – This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

Do you feel stressed and mixed up when you think about what you want and yet push those thoughts away because it’s too much to think about never mind ask for?

Is your mind in a muddle when it comes to deciding what to do next?

Do you ever lay awake at night wondering if there is something more meaningful for you, something that would give a sense of purpose to your life?

Are you getting to the point where you’re sick of your dreams being just that … dreams, with no hope of ever feeling fulfilled?

Have you ever wished you could be who you want to be rather than who others want you to be?

Are you willing to be supported to explore what you really want?  To reach new heights without being worried you’ll ‘rock the boat’ or make other people feel insecure?

Would you like to (re)discover who you really are and what you are capable of?


Marie Bell “Working with you has enabled me to close chapters and tell a new story. I am now able to see the possibility of resonating in harmony with my life”
Ann Marie Bell, Denmark


Your search ends here!

If you have been searching for someone to help you through this time of transition then your search ends here.  The work I love to do – what I’m meant to do is to help women like yourself get through the confusion and soul searching to a place of clarity and inner calm where it feels like you’ve ‘come home’.  Where you feel authentic and in alignment with your values, your hopes, your forgotten dreams, your spirituality – your true self.  I can help you step into the truth of who you are – to be seen in the world, your world!  It is my mission to help you become who you were meant to be – your bright, shining, beautiful self.

“As a teenager my dreams were husband, security, nice house, Mercedes.  The dreams came true but the reality was – the journey was the real prize not the destination.” DJC


“Thank you for designing such a transformational experience. It is the most important thing I have done for myself in years”  Margot R B, London


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection.”


What I can do for you

 “You know when everything on the outside looks rosy yet on the inside you get this empty sinking feeling like a part of you has been silenced, you feel like you’re invisible, and you hardly dare admit, even to yourself, that something is wrong or missing?

What I do is to provide you with a safe space to put yourself first for a change, discover your inner whispers, give you permission to have fun and turn them into whoops of joy as you experience what it feels like to DARE TO BE YOU!  I offer you an arm to lean on and I act as your guide, whether you are ready for tiny baby steps or boundful Tigger leaps into a future you could hardly have imagined before.

I know that as a woman whenever you want to step into a greater version of yourself, be that making changes in your life, starting a business, swapping jobs, or any kind of leap, more often than not it comes with an uncomfortable demand for increased courage and faith, and the need to move through some kind of fear.  That’s where my support and guidance as an intuitive, experienced mentor and teacher is invaluable in helping you to recognize and access your inner knowing and strength to catapult you forward.


What I ask of You!

Change and transformation are inside jobs. The key to unlocking the life you want starts within.   Commitment is key.  To do this kind of work you have to be serious about wanting to change your life.  Change requires you to be kind and open with yourself, it means you’ll feel uncomfortable sometimes when it comes to stepping outside your ‘comfort zone.’  At some point you’ll need to push the boundaries of what’s familiar to make room for your bigger dreams and I totally acknowledge that can be scary – my job is to guide you and support you through the transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

I doesn’t matter to me if you’ve tried and failed at every other attempt to change your life.  I’ve tried all kinds of ‘transformational’ things that didn’t ‘fit’ and had piles of discarded ‘certainties’  lots of times in the past too.  What I know for sure is that what happened before is not an indication of what will happen next.  Without a shadow of doubt, I know that being held accountable to your commitment and for your actions makes a world of difference to how you see yourself, feel about yourself, and what you are able to achieve.  You’re going to look back later, laugh and wonder what that was all about.


“Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable.”  – Wendy Wasserstein


Find out more about how we can work together to let go of the Emotional Baggage, the Fears, the Regrets and the Guilts that keep you stuck AND rediscover the woman you know yourself to be.


Where do you go from here?

Are you ready to do this for yourself?  That’s great!

Connect with me HERE for your Complimentary 20 minute Get Acquainted call. Lets talk to see if we’re a good fit for one another and explore how we can work together to make the changes you’re looking and longing for.


“All big dreams come from knowing who you are”


“Working with Sally has made me aware of the Power of the Feminine – the hills women have to climb to be themselves – because a woman being herself is naturally captivating – she will share and speak aspects of yourself you hadn’t seen.  Who you are becomes more visible than when you are working on your own.” Hazel Croucher



INGA KRASTINA Testimonial from Sally Canning on Vimeo.


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“The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes.”   Joy Bell








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